Hiking in the Cevennes, Valley of the Ceze Gard Cevennes

Hiking in the Cevennes, Le Miracle is the perfect starting point

Are you looking for a good destination to go hiking in the Cevennes? You have found it!

Le Miracle is located at the intersection of three hiking areas with very different character and landscape. It is therefore a great starting point for beautiful walks through the varied landscape of the south of France. We know the most beautiful walking routes and will be happy to advise you.

Hiking in the Cevennes, Sheep in the Cevennes - Le Miracle gîtes
Hiking in the Cevennes, Bergerie Lozere Gîtes Le Miracle
Hiking in the Cevennes, Plaine du tarn Gîtes Le Miracle Cevennes
Hiking in the Cevennes, Sources of the Tarn

Hiking in the Cevennes: Lozère, Ardèche and Gard

Hikers will find a wide range of hiking trails in the Lozère plateaus and vast valleys with the Gorges du Tarn and the mountains of Mont Lozère and Mont Aigoual. Here, the passionate hiker can make beautiful walks. With a bit of luck, beavers can be seen in the many rivers of the Cévennes and the clear water is an invitation to take a plunge along the way.
As the Ardèche is nearby, a walk in this beautiful region is a good option. The Ardèche is green, wide and more mountainous, with the Gorges d’Ardèche and the Gorges du Chassezac.
In the Gard, the hiker finds mainly limestone and a sloping and hilly landscape with holm oaks, olive trees and garrigue. The atmosphere is more reminiscent of Provence (also called Provence Occitane). A beautiful place to walk for example are the Concluses de Lussan.


Hiking trails through the Cévennes

Although time seems to have stood still for 30 years in the Cévennes, there is a well-maintained network of walks here in the south. The Cévennes National Park is therefore very popular among hikers. Here you can walk along historic paths. Even from the front door of the Miracle you can undertake endless walks in the vast nature.


Following Stevenson’s footsteps; walking with a donkey

The Cévennes became a hiking region due to the Chemin de Stevenson, named after the writer Robert Louis Stevenson who crossed the Cévennes on foot with a donkey. Donkey trekking became popular in the Cévennes thanks to Stevenson.

Everything you need to plan your walks in the Cévennes

At Le Miracle there is a catalogue with more than 120 walking described trails. There are also guide maps and the Carto Guide Haute Vallée de la Cèze offers more than 240 km of hiking trails through this part of the country. This allows you to compose your own circuits following a system of junctions.
To make walking in the beautiful surroundings even easier, we have mapped a number of circuits (as a GPX file). They are easy to follow with an application on your smartphone or a GPX-tracker and there is no way you can get lost. All guests receive the Le Miracle Info Guide with all the circuits well before their arrival.


Two of our favourites

  1. Bois de Païolive: a special area with jagged limestone and rocky formations. The Circuit of the Virgin (3 km), for example, is very suitable for walking with young children, discovering rocks in the shape of a camel, elephant or turtle and going in search of the Virgin hidden somewhere on top of the rocks.
  2. Chapelle de Lacham (16 km): departure al le Miracle from the front door, a strong walk with steep slopes where the use of a walking stick is recommended. On the way back, you will have a magnificent view of the vast landscape with Mont Lozère, Mont Ventoux, Mont Bouquet, the Ardèche and the peaks of the Pre-Alps.
Info Guide Le Miracle Cévennes

Info Guide Le Miracle

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