COVID-19 and Le Miracle

Naturally, we take all necessary measures to limit the risks. We have listed them here for you.

Our measures

The Miracle is ready to welcome you; the flats are spotless and fresh.
Surrounded by nature, in a quiet and spacious environment. The neighbours live at a distance; social distance is a matter of course here.

The Lozère (Cévennes) is the least populated part of France. Corona has barely established a foothold here.
It’s nice – especially in the current circumstances – to be here with all the light and space around us.


We are used to cleaning the flats thoroughly before our guests arrive.

We now pay even more attention to cleaning all touch points and surfaces. Think of door handles, taps, light switches, remote controls, etc.
There are dispensers for soap and hand washing and disinfecting liquid.


All linen is washed at 60°C and ironed at high temperature.
Upholstery (e.g. seat cushions) is changed, non-removable upholstery is steam cleaned.

You will receive extra kitchen linen and towels so that you can change them more often. A washing machine (with detergent) is available in all flats.
Mattress and pillow protectors are changed at each change.

Swimming pool

Swimming does not present a risk of contamination.
We ask all pool users to respect the usual distance rules.
Pool furniture is divided (and marked) by flat.

Welcome and contact

We will give you a warm welcome on arrival and observe the appropriate distance guidelines.