About us

Our story. Please take a moment ……

“How did you get living here?” Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions since we’ve been living here. The answer can be simple and a bit cliché, or it can tell a whole story.

First the cliché.

For years we have been charmed by the south of France: pleasant climate, beautiful landscapes, pleasant country, good food. During our holidays in this beautiful country, we have often dreamt of our own French place under the sun.

We are being reminded of the inevitable La Douce France. So much for the clichés.

Lydia en Guus van Le Miracle in de Cevennen

But the story is more complex than that, you probably already suspected that

Of course, we were charmed by sunny France and often dreamed of such a beautiful house in the south. But to actually do it? It took more than that.

All three of us dreamed of such a holiday home in France; our son Djim dreamed with us too. The practice was still quite difficult, as Djim was in a wheelchair, and these old French houses are not really built for that.

On a sunny day in May 2013, we visited an old farmhouse in the Cevennes with Djim. “Go and have a look there,” we were told. “Maybe that’s what you’re looking for”. We found ourselves in a ruin. But we dared, and Djim was also very enthusiastic. The ruin was transformed into the holiday home of our dreams, also wheelchair accessible. Djim enjoyed the beautiful house which was completed in 2014. Unfortunately, it lasted far too short a time; he passed away in 2015.

Onze prachtige zoon Djim

Needless to say, it has turned our lives upside down. Sometimes it takes a landslide to dare to jump to the other side. We had to move on and then such a beautiful sunny place in nature is like a balm for the soul. We “leapt” towards this place in 2016 to start living here.

We named this beautiful place after the miracle we hoped for with Djim, after a song by Guy Béart “Le Miracle Vient de Partout”.

In memory of our beautiful son Djim, who loved being here.

Lydia & Guus